Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cape St Claire Spring Bazaar!

Matt and I had a blast at the first ever Cape St Claire Spring Bazaar hosted by CSC United Methodist Church! There was great food, wonderful vendors, an awesome DJ, a moon bounce (along with other kid-friendly activities), and heart-warming support from the community! All of which made it an event to remember:)

I was so moved and pleased by the feedback I got from many of the people who visited my booth at the bazaar. Everyone was so supportive and encouraging- I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Regarding the set up of the table, we did it a little differently this time.

I'll start from the top:

The branches in the back with the twine strung between them and the Crinkly Critters hanging from the twine are two Pussy Willow branches Matt cut for me! I don't know if you can see it, but there are those little fuzzy things (buds maybe?) all over the branches. It looked wonderful! We just "bungeed" the branches to the back legs of the table and strung twine between the two. It acted as a "clothes line" and gave the table great height! It also freed up the red suitcase which I used to hold the wreaths instead of holding the Crinkly Critters like at the Liberty High Craft Fair.

I used the Tiered Trays to hold the hair clips and pins. And I also got to use my Jewelry Tree to display my necklaces and a Crinkly Critter or two!

Many people asked me if I am on Etsy, or have a website. As of right now it's just the blog (and email!), but maybe I should consider making a website of some sort! I was also asked by more than one person if I do any type of house parties or anything. Truth be told, one may be in the works... :D

Thanks again to everyone who visited my booth and came out to the CSC Spring Bazaar. It turned out to be a wonderful event and I hope it becomes a yearly tradition in the Cape!

Also a great big thank you to my dad!
And of course, Matt- you know you rock!

More things to come! I'll keep ya posted :)

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