Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Sewing" Projects

As I have stated before, I am NOT a seamstress. At all. Ever. But I do try:) Here's some stuff I have recently created with my trusty sewing machine:

My new apron! Yes, I messed up a little, but I did this totally by myself with no help and no pattern!! I'm proud of it:D

I love the ruffles!

This high-wasted skirt from an old sheet.

I used the original hem from the sheet for the bottom. It's a nice, thick hem.

The Flat Front Pants from the tutorial on MADE. I love her tutorials. And Celebrate the Boy:D If you have a boy, definitely check it out!

Riley's skeleton, of course!

He's so GQ! And as usual I always take the good picture with my cell-phone camera.

The new pants are too short, so I need to let the hem out a little. But I love them and the little nugget does too! He said he wants to wear them tomorrow:)

I am loving all the sewing projects! I can't wait to make more:D

Until next time, toodles!

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