Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm Baaaaack!

Hello hello to all you crafty people out there!

So as you may already be aware, my 25 days of Christmas idea was not the best. I couldn't get it done! Between my birthday being a week before Christmas and having a 2 year old in the house it just was not possible. After I realized I didn't couldn't do it, I was very dejected. However, I am now ready to get back on and try again!:)

I am very happy to announce that on March 26th I will be a vendor for the very first time at a Craft Fair! My friend Erin and I are going to have tables next to each other. (You can find her stuff here.) The Craft Fair is at Liberty High School in Sykesville, MD and it goes from 9am-3pm. Hope to see you there!

Here are a few things I will be selling:

My new Crinkly Critters! They are Owls complete with yummy tags to chew and crinkly wings! The first picture is of the boy version of the Owl, his name is Ollie. The girl version (second picture) is much more pink;) Her name is Ellie.

Frames. (Please ignore the Sunchips bag in the background. lol!)

Burlap Wrapped Wreath with Black and White Fabric Rosettes

Burlap Rosette Wreath

Magnets like my Fabric Rosette Magnets and these Picture Magnets

Decorative Flower Balls much like my Felt Rosette Ball Ornament, although not all of them will be made out of felt.
Here are some tissue paper versions of the Flower Balls. I think I may paint the dowels a light green color. Or maybe different earth tones like someone suggested to me on Facebook.

Below are the fabric version of the Flower Balls.

And here are the felt flower balls. They are being displayed in a bowl instead of with the dowels.

Some Coasters!

And hair bows, head bands, and pins for all the little (or grown-up) girlies out there!

I am so excited to be experiencing a craft show for the first time. I hope this opens many new and exciting doors for me as a crafter:) Until then, I'll be busy creating!

Until next time, toodles:)

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