Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Easy Ribbon and Bells Door Knob Jingler (Christmas in 25 Days No. 2)

Just as the title states, this is a very easy, jingly way to decorate for Christmas. Growing up my mom had bells on every door (I just do the front door), but if you're someone who likes bells on every door during the holiday season, this is a cute, inexpensive way to get a lot of jingle!;) I had already made this back in October, but I thought it would be a cute tutorial. Here we go!

You will need:

  •  1 long piece of ribbon (I used a medium thickness white grosgrain)
  • Different color, size, and type of ribbons (I used a green, red, and white color scheme)
  • Bells
  • Pinking sheers (or scissors)
Lay out your longest ribbon. Mine ended up with on nice long crease in it when I tied all my other ribbon on. The crease makes it easier to tie on the door knob.

Take one of your other ribbons and a bell.

Thread one end of the ribbon through the loop on the bell.

And tie it in a knot!

Then attach it to your long piece of ribbon. I did my longest ribbons on either end and the shorter ones in the center.

Attach by tying a knot.

Use your pinking sheers (or scissors) to trim the ends of the ribbon.

And wa-la! You have a beautiful door jingle!

 Tip: If you cut the ends of your ribbons all differently (ie: slanted, in a "v", with pinking sheers, etc.) it will look less uniformed and precise.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out tutorial number 2! See ya tomorrow:)

Until next time, toodles!

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